About Merpola

I have a tail... to tell.

Hey, you! I think I know your secret. Those lumpy human feet can't fool me, you also belong under the sea, don't you? And you came here looking for a way to live your best Mermaid life whilst stuck on land? Well, you came to the right place! Welcome to Merpola.

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My name is Toby King and I make things for people like us. I make clothing and accessories. I design illustrations and prints, and I write about stuff I think you'll care about. Nothing makes me happier than creating things inspired by the sea and raising awareness for causes affecting the ocean. I celebrate and protect the waters and everything that lives beneath the waves. 

Merpola began in 2015 whilst I was living in London. It was just a bunch of ideas scribbled in a notebook; to use my passion for the sea and my untapped creative skills to unite a community who also believe that it's better down where it's wetter. I took the notebook to The Prince's Trust, who supported me and the business I'd been dreaming of. I then threw myself into the deep end, studying, creating and preparing for a 'Dragons Den'-style funding panel which led to winning a small business loan to buy fabric and equipment with... and that's when Merpola was born.


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Fast forward to a few years later and I'm currently living in Brighton, working from a studio with ocean views whilst Merpola continues to find its fins. I have made human treasures for hundreds of landlocked merfolk all over the world and (hopefully maybe) made a difference to the planet in the process, by using as ethically & ecologically sourced components as possible. Merpola has even been raved about by the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race!! I'm living my dream and I can't thank you enough for your trust, support and for keeping this dream afloat.

As Merpola grows I plan to create more brilliant products and projects whilst empowering this community to raise both awareness and money for ocean conservation charities, and to eventually collaborate with other artists and creatives around the world to celebrate the wonders of the seas. Thank you for joining me on this voyage, I'm so excited for what's to come. I can be contacted directly here, or you can join the newsletter by clicking here. Social media links can be found at the bottom the page, or search for @MerpolaOfficial & #Merpola on your favourite platform and say hello. 

Are you ready to get wet?

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Q: Hi!

A: That's not a question, but hello!

Q: How do I look today?

A: Smashing, but could you look nicer? Visit my store page HERE

Q: What is Merpola?

A: Merpola is an independent label and online boutique that creates and sells primarily clothing (other stuff too), paying homage to pop culture, weirdos, nautical mysticism, forward-thinking and hedonism. It's also a unisex brand.

Q: Why that name? And how do you pronounce Merpola?

A: The name is made up, a mix of the words 'Polar' (opposites, distance, orbit, bonds, molecules, whatever) and 'Mer' (meaning "of the sea"). You can pronounce it any way that you like, but I say it like 'MUR-POH-LAH'.

Q: I'm a MAN and I only want to buy MENs' clothes!! None of your clothing is for me?

A: Nope, my clothing is for everybody. I purposefully make unisex/non-binary/all-sex things that everyone can enjoy. The cut and fit of the t-shirts means that anyone can wear them and still look quite nice. The only requirements for a Merpola tee are having two shoulders and a neck.

Q: That's so weird.

A: So is gender, and making people feel weird about their choices. If you like it, put it on. It's none of my business what's in your knickers.

Q: Ok whatever. Where are you based?

A: Merpola started off in London, and I'm now based in Brighton, UK. I work from a studio that's right by the seafront! This store offers shipping options for under and overseas purchases, btw. Come on 'Stralia! etc.

Q: How do I find you on social media? I would love to follow you.

A: Cheers! At the top or bottom of this page you should find icons which lead you onto various social media platforms. I'm especially fond of our little (but growing!) Instagram community, definitely look for me there first.

Q: Do you accept Paypal?

A: YES! Merpola accepts Paypal, along with Shopify checkout AND Apple Pay, all of which are extremely secure.

Q: How secure is this store?

A: Like I just said, extremely secure, you've got 99 problems but this website isn't one. You can read more about the security stuff here.

Q: How long will my item take to get to me?

A: Generally speaking, I try to get items created, labelled and ready to despatch ahead of time, so within two working days it'll be sent off and your order should easily be with you within a week or so of clicking 'pay now'. Usually much, much sooner if you're already in the UK. Occasionally it can take two or three weeks for your parcel to find its way to somewhere far away from me like New Zealand, please be patient if the postal service is being rubbish. More information can be found on the Shipping & Returns page. If you haven't received your purchased item within 14 working days, please contact me (Toby) via email so I can investigate.

Q: One last question: has it been fun interviewing yourself?

A: It's been a bit stressful tbh.