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Winning Prince Charles' Drag Race

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This will probably be the last blog before the website relaunches and our first collection goes up for pre-order.

HI. If you’re keeping up with these blogs and the social media pages, I pitched for business funding from The Prince’s Trust this July, and *SPOILER ALERT*, I got it. Queue the Final Fantasy victory fanfare. It was actually quite a fun experience, talking through the ideas and research and all of the small details that have been fleshed out over the past year into making Merpola a robust operation. The panel seemed very positive and receptive, but the week-long wait to find out how it actually went was agonising; it seemed to drag on like nothing else I’ve experienced before. But, thankfully it was good news. Prince Charles’ charity is backing the business. They’re funding the initial equipment I need to start manufacturing the garments - hoping to have everything ready for this September.

Ever since the funding news came in, Merpola HQ has been in über-vamp mode; filing papers and opening up a business bank account to operate from, etc. I’m currently working on a fun marketing campaign - which I don’t want to spoil the surprise of quite yet, but if you live outside of London (anywhere in the world) and want to get involved, it should be good fun. Contact me:

Soon comes purchasing and assembling all the equipment and organising the professionals to help me out with the stitching and other things I’m not so good at (yet). Plus the website is still getting an overhaul. The plan is to shut it down within the next couple of weeks and put a countdown clock on the front page which counts down to the launch. As much as I loved doing the test run and making the It’s For Business… Enslaver! t-shirts, this is when Merpola as a brand will really be born. Bloody exciting.

Speaking of the Enslaver t-shirts, did you see?? 1) they’re sold out, and no current plans to make anymore, and 2) RuPaul complimented them on his show (you can listen here around the 35 minute mark). Ru. Paul. Now we’ve got Michelle Visage wearing one and RuPaul visiting this very website; it’s basically Drag here now. We’re going to take over Game of Thrones next. Or maybe that show about the Armenian family.

A lot of you voted which design to go with as part of the launch collection and the ocean waves ended up winning over pastels. Sorry to all you Tumblr gurls, we might end up repurposing it in the future, but congrats to all the Merms who wanted ocean waves - you got it!

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with the blogs and giving us support. Every Instagram Like and Tweet I get makes me smile, so keep them coming. If all goes to plan, you’ll be seeing the next blog update on the freshly-painted website, and we’ll have new products up in the shop. Super exciting. I will of course break this promise if anything crazy happens over the next few weeks, but for normal updates, do follow the social media channels (say hello!) and get ready for Merpola’s first collection…

Until next time,

Toby - Merpola HQ

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