Wet Friday & Robot Monday

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Here in the U.K., we don't know much about Black Friday. As far as I can tell, a lot of turkey-filled humans get really riled up on leftovers and barge into stores like they're trying to survive the Walking Dead, for only plasma televisions will save them from deaths clutches. Seems a bit weird, but hey-ho, over here we get really serious about our tea and biscuits, and we have a Queen. Swings and roundabouts (we have a lot of roundabouts too). Everywhere is weird.


Merpola Pin Clamshell Clam Enamel Pin


Having a thanksgiving treat seems important to our friends across the pond though, and Merpola is lucky enough to have a lot of friends abroad to be thankful for, many of you that are reading this! So from now until the end of Robot Monday (no idea about that either) there's totally free shipping to anywhere. It's on me. Use the code 'WETFRIDAY' at checkout. Be gentle with the store pls, you crash it you buy it.


Merpola Black Friday Cyber Monday WetFriday


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