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The Story So Far...

Posted by Toby King on

[This blog section will mostly be used to post stories and updates on the business, from humble beginnings to hopefully greater things, we hope you'll stick around and join us on our journey. If you want to read an overview of the company, please click here]

Now that's out of the way, welcome! My name's Toby and I'm the founder of Merpola. I'll be keeping things pretty informal here, hope that's alright with you.

There are tons of independent clothing labels shouting at you for attention. Way too many, perhaps. How many can you think of that, first and foremost, don't take themselves too seriously? A handful? Same here. How many of those take what they do seriously, and always reliably deliver high quality products that will last you more than a dozen washes? Even less.

Merpola is, and always will be just that; lighthearted yet full of heart, winking at popular culture whilst dancing with the subculture, ignoring trends in favour of fun and energetic punk spirit, sharing cigarettes with mermaids and casting spells on your high-school bullies - it will always be silly. Marrying silly ideals with serious practices and ambition, that's what I hope will set Merpola apart from your average homemade sweaters and high-street t-shirts. We're going to create great products that make you smile.

Now, after many months of hard work and frustration, it's finally time to park the spaceship and stick our flag in the moon. There's 25 black cotton screen printed t-shirts going on sale on May 1st for a short amount of time. This 'soft launch' is a sort of testing-the-waters (pun intended). Will potential customers be able to navigate the website? Will our manufacturing partners be able to deliver the stock on time? Will Madonna sue me for stealing one of her more ridiculous quotes and putting it on a t-shirt? Time will tell, but I hope this is a big success, enough to award the business with enough funding to manufacture tons more. Bigger, better, fancier things including custom labels, proper photoshoots, branded packaging and the best user experience money can buy. In order to accomplish these goals your support will be crucial. Please like, comment, follow and creep. Years from now you can say that you did it first. To those of you who have been on this journey with me from the start and shown unconditional support- I cannot thank you enough. You've got me this far, to the moon. Now my sight's set on Venus, let's go there next.

I'll be writing updates on the development of the business at least monthly, so please do check back and follow the journey with me.

Till next time,

Toby - Merpola HQ

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