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The Little Mermaid at London's Floating Film Festival

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Today’s blog was written purely to make you seaweed-green with envy. This afternoon I went along to a FLOATING. FILM. FESTIVAL. The three best words beginning with an F, aside from “fish”, “freebie” and a particular fun swear word. If you're (literally) a poor unfortunate soul and couldn't make it, scroll on for photos from the event.


Merpola London Floating Film Festival at St Kats Docks


In the centre of London, at St. Katherine Docks is a ‘floating platform’ (as opposed to a submerged one) that was turned into a cosy outdoor cinema for one week only. Between the 22nd and 28th of August it was transformed to accommodate an aquatic movie marathon, with water-themed favourites such as Finding Nemo, Splash (<3) and Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. But today, on the final day and at the matinee time of 2pm was The Little Mermaid’s turn. On this occasion, skipping the Notting Hill Carnival was a no-brainer.


Merpola London Floating Film Festival at St Kats Docks


There were plenty of deck chairs set up in formation and maybe a dozen bean bags laid out on the dock. Blankets were provided for getting extra snuggly and a modest booze & snacks bar was to the corner of a LCD screen (the retro 4x3 dimensions triggered me initially, but it turned out fine - the VHS vibe added to the 90s Disney experience).

The weather was looking a little dodgy on arrival, with dark clouds looming over the covered dock and spitting rain greeting our arrival. I sunk my elbows into a beanbag and was busy chatting with the girl next to me (shout-out to Ariel. Seriously, that was her actual name) when the heavens opened and the floating tent got lashed with rain, running off the edge of the overhead cover and soaking the back of the television panel. I started to worry maybe the film festival would end early until I heard the soar of the Disney title screen (the new 3D castle one, wish they’d use the old blue ah-Ah-ah-uh-oh-uh-ahhh… version again) and the movie began. 


Merpola Little Mermaid London Floating Film Festival at St Kats Docks


By the time the our little mermaid had dragged a prince onto the shore to sing him awake, sunshine beaming onto his eyes so he wouldn’t clock the massive tail attached to her, our sun too had also emerged and all was right with both worlds again.


Ariel Merpola London Floating Film Festival at St Kats Docks


Watching my favourite movie is always fun. Watching it outdoors in central London under a blanket was cool. And all whilst floating on the river Thames? Amazing. It’s the first year this festival has run, but if it happens again in 2017 I implore you to go. Bring a jacket.


Toby King Merpola at London Floating Film Festival

(I'm the freshly bleached Daenerys Targaryen blonde on the right with The Little Mermaid's end credit titles rolling on behind.)

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