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‘Ello guvHUNers, It’s bloody July already. 'Ere come the updates. Let’s stop with the accent and start with a small one...

WE’VE BEEN SUBMITTED FOR BUSINESS FUNDING. That’s right. Merpola’s business plan, samples of the first collection (!!) and the financial projections have all been submitted. What comes next is a scary funding pitch - think of Dragon’s Den without the television cameras - which will happen in the next few weeks. It’s partially down to you, the person reading this blog, whom I owe my gratitude to. Thank you for the clicks and goodwill. Please stick around.

If everything goes swimmingly *cough* there’ll be new items added to the store starting from August. As fast as ink can print and my sewing machine can stitch. I’m most excited about stitching in the first branded label, how sad is that? There will be sneak peaks thrown about before then, so keep your eyelids up. Can’t wait and wanting a taste of one of our all-over nautical prints? Have a look at the blog’s thumbnail and get ready to drown in bold pastel waves.

If anyone reading this is thinking “you know what, I could really help with organising a launch party” or “I know just the right blog or publication to feature some of these prints” then please, say hello. Drop off an email to

Want to be the first to know about our collection and party? The best way to do so is by subscribing to the newsletter here or by following us on twitter here. A new website layout and store front is hopefully on the way also. Madness, carpet madness.

On a final note, I wanted to talk about Pride month which just went by. I was in London for the parade last Saturday wearing my Merpola Enslaver t-shirt, waving the rainbow flag and experienced an amazing, incredible day. The outpouring of love was undeniable, London became electric in it's celebration of acceptance. 

The following day, in Istanbul, police blocked the street exits as the government’s security forces brutally attacked a peaceful Pride event with high pressured water canons, plastic bullets and tear gas. Many people were seriously injured without reason. Pride is a celebration and a good excuse for a cocktail, but it will always be inherently political. Let’s remember that and show support for our brothers and sisters around the world facing hostility from their own government.

Love does win.


Toby - Merpola HQ

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