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Massive Sale, Moving House, Merpola 4eva

Posted by Toby King on

Sorry Merpola has been a little quiet lately. There’s a massive sale on starting right now, and there's also been some other big developments…

No we're not shutting down. We’re moving!! London is an amazing city, but it’s suffocatingly cramped and expensive. As Merpola keeps growing I’m slowly & ironically drowning in all my fabrics and packaging. It’s time to take the next step.

Merpola started on my bedroom floor. Then it got its own space in the corner. Soon after it needed a desk. And now it needs a whole room to live in - which is great news! But it means I can’t stay here anymore, so I’m packing my bags and moving back to the seaside.

It was a bittersweet choice because I love London, but trust me, this is the best decision for me personally and for my business. 2016 London isn't designed for young creatives and hustling artists. It's a sandbox for bankers and politicians to play in. It's not for me, and that's ok. I ain't mad at this view...


Our new view!

Merpola's new HQ.


Why go to Brighton? Because I’d be crazy not to. There’s a thriving arts culture with a lot of tomorrow's entrepreneurs settling there (it was voted the #1 place in the UK for it) and I’ll have the ocean on my doorstep. I'll see the sea from my studio. I went to university in Brighton and know the town well. It’s vibrant and diverse, cheeky and chilled. It’s going to be the perfect home for Merpola, and me.

To make the move a bit easier on myself, plus the added bonus of clearing out the inventory to invest into new thingamabobs waiting to come down the pipeline… (but basically I’m lazy and hate carrying boxes) we’re having a sale! The biggest sale ever. Until the first week of October you’ll save up to 50% off a Merpola purchase - and don’t forget, free UK shipping!


Merpola Sale Now On Stranger Things Image


Things might go a little quiet again mid-October whilst the move takes place and Merpola gets set up in it’s new studio office, but don’t worry, we’ll be back with a bang in time for the first anniversary birthday towards the end of the month.

All of our creations are limited edition, when it sells out it’s gone and we put the money earned towards the next thing. Go grab your favourite 'Merp piece before it swims away.


Talk soon,

(shout if you’re great at packing)

Toby @ Merpola

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