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MER-ry Christmas and a Happy 2018

Posted by Toby King on

Hello you.

Having a nice day? Freezing cold and wishing you had more presents to open/roast potatoes to eat? Same.

I know it's been a little while. Just wanted to say that I sincerely hope you had a very Mer-ry Christmas and that the New Year brings everything you want along with it. You deserve it.

Oceans of love,

Toby, Merpola.


(My favourite decoration in Brighton. Almost got hit by multiple cars trying to take this photo 🐙) 


p.s. I should have made a bigger song and dance about it before, but did you see we have new stationary in the store?! 100% recycled too. Save the trees, doodle the seas. ALSO, a ton of items got a permanent price drop to celebrate the two year anniversary, so get burning those christmas pennies on something fun.

p.p.s.: speaking of pennies, thanks again so much for shopping with me during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week. All profits were donated successfully to Sea Shepherd UK shortly afterward :) it's going to make a difference to some critters under the sea. Planning to do more stuff like that again in the new year, stay tuned.

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