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Launching Soon

Posted by Toby King on

Hi there.  

You may have noticed that is currently locked down and a bit creepily quiet. Don't panic, it's not haunted. It's because we are making updates and preparing for launching this October 2015. Please keep checking back - or follow us on your social media platform of choice (our Twitter and Instagram are quite fun) and you'll be the first to know when the debut collection goes on sale. There's lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline, so please do be our online buddy and stick around. 

Toby, aka Mr Merpola.  

p.s. If you're waiting for the kettle to boil or hiding from your mom and need to kill some time, feel free to read the blogs to date below. Some bits are like wow, no way. And some bits are like, way. But you might enjoy seeing the journey we've been on to get to this point - launching a bloody clothing and accessories business. Bonkers. 

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