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January Update

Posted by Toby King on

Sorry! Hello! I'm not dead!

Christmas and New Years came and went, which is derailing enough as it is with all the cheeses and booze, but since then the website's redesign has needed a ton of tweaking behind the scenes so I've been busy typing where you can't see me. 

Building a business is bloody hard work, don't let anyone tell you differently. There's an overwhelming amount of things you need to do when starting out  - creating and testing and then manufacturing a product is just the tip of the jumbo iceberg! I'm sorry for not updating this blog as often as I would like though, please forgive me. I can promise you that Merpola is still very much alive, and there'll be a lot of updates to come. I can also promise you that it will be more interesting than this one. February is going to be all about work (or as Rihanna would say, "wurh").

Starting a company means getting your hands dirty from time to time. Nice colours though, eh?


If you'd like a daily "hello" go follow the official Merpola instagram page here. I'm trying to get better at tweeting and Facebook'ing, but so far it seems like a lot of faff for very little payoff. I really love the idea of growing a tribe on a visual medium where I can show off designs and products and get feedback from a community, so that's where the focus is right now. Lots of '#inspo' stuff, and the odd garment shot.

I hope you all had a lovely and healthy start to the new year. If like me you're feeling a bit derailed, let's try to help each other stay on track going forward.

All the best,

Toby - aka Mr. Merpola

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