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Merpola is a small, independent start-up halfway through it’s first year of trading. If it were a human baby it’d be getting ready to tackle solid foods and learning how to roll over any day now. It’s been a rewarding (and bloody challenging) process so far, and I’m really happy to report that things are going great! But we’ve got a lot more growing to do and it’s time to start rolling.

I need your help. Your feedback is invaluable in helping Merpola to continue growing. As there’s only one guy steering the ship right now (hi!) it’s easy to overlook little mistakes like typos or an ugly webpage format. If you’ve had a poke around this website before and have a few minutes to spare, you would be doing me a big favour by taking this Website Feedback Survey. It’s pretty short and basic as far as surveys go, just click the boxes to let me know how is performing (please try to get into all the nooks and crannies before submitting feedback) and then hit the ‘Complete’ button at the end. As a thank-you for completing the survey you’ll find a 20% off voucher which is valid on any purchase until the end of April 2016. Make sure to hit ‘Done’  to submit your answers after making a note of your voucher code, you can then pop the code into our checkout page if anything from our debut collection catches your eye.

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If you’re already a Merpola apostle and there is something from our store hanging in your wardrobe, you’re my best friend already. It takes a big leap of faith to spend hard earned cash on products from a business without years of reputation behind it. Thank you for leaping, your support does not go unnoticed and it’s helping Merpola to soar. There is a special second survey, just for you! Click here to take the Product Feedback Survey after you’ve taken the first one, this second part is only for customers of this website. Once you've completed the second survey make sure you write down both voucher codes, because putting them together like a jigsaw will bump up the discount to 30% off of a new purchase. Just to say thanks for taking the time to fill in both and being an ‘early adopter’ of Merpola, I’m forever grateful to you guys already.

Even if you have no intention of using your voucher, please do try to find a couple of minutes to fill in the survey(s). Your participation really will help the business grow into something bigger and better than it currently is. Remember, it’s important to hit the ‘Done’button on the voucher pages to submit all of your answers anonymously to me, and I’ll take it from there. Thanks in advance.

There’s a few exciting things to talk about coming up in the next month or so, you’ll be hearing from me again soon.

Until next time…

Toby - aka Mr Merpola


Website Feedback Survey (Survey 1, for everybody to fill in) 

Product Feedback Survey (Survey 2, for Merpola customers only)

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