GOODBYE (for a bit)

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How’ve you been doing?

In case you missed the big news I shared on Instagram the other week, there is some sad (but hopeful and exciting!) updates in the world of Merpola - I’m going to be leaving my home here in Brighton next month for a new adventure. The winds of change have been tugging at me for quite some time now, and the making-new-memories / walking-around-in-nostalgia-town ratio has been iffy as heck. Brighton, I love ya, but it’s time for a fresh start. 

Here comes the sad part. As you know, I’m a one merman band. I design and make the Merpola stuff, and I package it up to send to you. I do the boring invoice paperwork and I write these blog posts 🙃 hiii. So until I find myself settled down again it means that creating and maintaining Merpola stuff is going to have to take a backseat for a while, sadface. It’s not my intention to close the store forever, but for a short time at least - this is goodbye…

BUT WAIT! If you’ve had your eye on anything in the store, this might be your last chance for a while to get it. Everything is now on sale, quite a big sale too (RIP profit margin) and will remain cheap as chips for the month of September because on October 1st I’ll be packing my boxes and leaving town. Hoping this will make a small dent in the number of things to carry off with me :) so now’s the time to stock up on aquatic tat. 

For example:


Merpola Sea Your Doodle notebook



Once things settle down again and the store reopens (hopefully with some new goodies?) you’ll be the first to hear about it. Promise.

If anyone has any packing tips/wants to distract me from moving stress, you know where to reach me.

Until next time, wherever that may be,

Toby x

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