Find Ariel's buddy Flounder in Disney's Moana (Easter Egg) You're Welcome!

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Disney's latest animated adventure, Moana, was released in cinemas in the UK today. The seafaring blockbuster was directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, the duo behind The Little Mermaid (!!!). I've been STOKED to see it, obvs. The waves alone look beautiful, and that's coming from a staunch hand-drawn animation defender (something about the 2D classics trigger my imagination so much more than an extended Playstation 11 cutscene ever will) but this movie looks fantastic regardless. Grab a wetsuit and take a look at the trailer below. 


Speaking of the Little Merm's directors, did you know they hid a cameo from a certain yellow guppy within their new film? Ariel's buddy Flounder is in the movie! Read on if you want to know where find him.
Disney Moana Flounder Little Mermaid Easter Egg Merpola
Spotted him yet? During Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's song "You're Welcome" (yep, its the Rock, singing in a Disney movie. Don't tell me 2016 hasn't been a rollercoaster of wtf) our favourite barrel-pulling bff bursts up from the water. Keep an eye out for him near the climax of the song.
Disney Moana Flounder Little Mermaid Easter Egg Merpola
To see the full clip in which Flounder appears (and hear The Rock belt out a catchy song from the movie) press play below.
Are you excited to see the full film? Is it *whispers* somehow better than The Little Mermaid? Let me know your thoughts below. I'll be at my local cinema with a face full of popcorn this weekend to see it for myself. Can't wait!

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