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We've had some work done.

You may have noticed? I hope you did because it's been a logistical nightmare, but the shiny and new is now LIVE! You're on it right now, isn't it wonderful. Did you see the fancy scrolling effect on the homepage (if you're on a desktop) or the little flag that automatically converts a currency preview for our friends overseas? Ooh, oh, or how about that other little icon in the top left, the one which looks like a Facebook head? That's a flipping, dancing, working account system. You can log in for a faster checkout and check up on your order history and everything. Paypal is an option now! And there's HTTPS security encoding on every. single. page. making sure that you're protected when you're in our playground. Pretty snazzy for a little independent start-up, huh?

We're also the proud parents of two bouncing baby twins. Please welcome...


The Clamshell Clan Enamel Pin!

If you fancy poking holes in all your nice clothes, here's something that will perk you up. There's only 100 in the world, it's pastel-coloured with a glitter pearl centre and is quite the head turner.


aaannndd introducing, the Kelp Me tee!

Merpola Kelp Me Tee Photoshoot London

It's a remix of our Enslaver Tee, which we used way back when to test-trade the business idea. It sold out a while back but there's been some rumblings of demand for a reprint, so we thought we'd introduce a very worthy substitute.


What do you think of our latest creations? Pretty decent, right?

Currently running on 0 hours sleep and there's 3400 broken weblinks to fix, so let's keep this short and sweet. Welcome to Merpola 2.0, thank you for your patience whilst the paint dried, I hope you stick around and continue this journey with us. There's still a lot more work to do... after a quick disco nap.

Sweet dreams,

Mr Merpola.

P.s. If you spot any bugs whilst the new site is teething, please contact me or leave a comment below. I'd appreciate having them brought to my attention and will fix ASAP.

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