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A Whole Month of Murder

Posted by Toby King on

Hi all, Toby Mr Merpola here. This is the update for June.


It’s been a month since the website went live and test trading began, and I’m really chuffed to report that it’s been a resounding success so far. The website never crashed, none of the orders got lost in the mail, and there’s been enough orders of the debut print placed to not only break even on the initial investment but make a tidy profit too. Hurray! Merpola is murdering it.

This is where the real work begins, I’ve now got a short window of time to put together an upgraded business plan which includes all the data from this test launch and then submit my business for full funding. Winning funding is crucial, it would mean more complex prints, beanies, even iPhone cases and tat like that down the line - very exciting. I still need your help more than ever, please remember to keep liking posts whenever you see them, dropping our name into conversations and keeping the momentum we’ve started going. We’re not out of the woods yet.

If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race or Celebrity Big Brother you’ll find this bit of news quite exciting, we sent a t-shirt out to our friend Michelle Visage and she told us that she loved it, so if you’re wearing your Merpola right now it means you’re in very good company. 

If you’d like an Enslaver t-shirt of your own, theres a handful left. As a reward for using your eyes like an interlektual and reading our blog, use the coupon code “INTELLECTUAL” at checkout for a 10% discount until the end of July. Once these debut prints are gone, they’re gone, and no one shouts about owning the "second ever Jeremy Scott glove" do they?

Speaking of, and don’t hold me to this, but I’d rather not wait around for the business funding to start inking up the screenprint for a fresh design. So I’m hoping that within the next several weeks I’ll be able to share news with you of another, limited print run. Something for your summer holiday. Stay tuned.

The best way to “stay tuned” is to follow us on our social media, you should be able to find buttons which lead to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by scrolling to the bottom of this page. There’s going to be a competition soon for a free giveaway. Try to win, I dare ya.



Speak soon,

Toby - Merpola HQ

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