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A Love Letter to FOREO

Posted by Toby King on

This is going to be a bit of an unusual blog post for Merpola. I wanna talk about something relating to the sea, as usual, but I also want to talk about my face. Where could this be going, you’re asking? Read on lazybones.

You know those facial cleansing brushes that everybody is going nuts for? I have one and I want to tell you about it. And even more so, I want to tell you why I’m telling you about it. Swedish-based beauty brand FOREO is my hero.


Merpola Luna Mini 2 Save The Sea Edition


I’ve used one of their Luna devices before, but when I heard about the Save the Sea campaign that they’re a part of I wrote to them to talk about it, and they very generously sent me a Luna Mini 2 which I’ve been using for the last month. It’s so cool I feel kinda compelled to tell you about it. But first, let’s get to the important bit:

Here’s why I’m a fan for life. FOREO partnered with both GreenWave and the SEA LIFE Trust in order to raise awareness for ocean conservation and to donate 100% of the net proceeds of their Save the Sea edition products to invaluable marine causes. They’re real advocates for ocean wildlife and the underwater habitat, adopting endangered sea turtles, ensuring responsible sea farming and more. And for that, I’m shouting about them here today.


Merpola Toby King Luna Mini 2 Save The Sea Edition

My big ugly mug posing with the Luna Mini 2.


The actual device that they make is really cool in itself. It’s about the size of your palm and covered in pulsating soft bristles on the front and back. The front side is for normal skin like your cheeks whilst the bristles on the back are thicker which help with cleaning oilier areas like your t-zone. It doesn’t look mechanical at all, it’s stylish and colourful and generally just looks great. A bit too sexy to leave lying around, if you know what I mean...

Hidden inside the brightly coloured silicon casing is a powerful motor that delivers T-Sonic pulsations which dislodges impurities from your pores, with customisable intensities. The idea is that you use it to wash your face with a cleanser for one minute, twice a day. Every 15 seconds there’ll be a little pause in the vibrations and the bottom will flash to let you know to move onto a different area of your face (I like to divide my sections up by right cheek, then left cheek, forehead and nose, then ‘beard area’). You don’t need to replace the head, which saves money in the long run compared to other face cleansers. Plus, the silicon is ultra hygienic, apparently 35 times more so than using a nylon-bristled brush. It charges via a USB cable and the battery inside then goes on to last for five months, even with using it twice a day! It’s also completely waterproof.

I’ve been using my Luna Mini 2 for about a month now, just to make sure it does what it says on the tin. And it does! Between me and you, I have pretty stubborn combination skin and a touch of rosacea, so I’ve always struggled with finding the right routine for my face. I genuinely think that by incorporating the Luna facial cleanser into my routine each day, my skin has never looked brighter and also smoother. I also think, as a man, there’s a stigma around men taking too good a care of themselves, like it’s a bad thing to want to feel great in your own skin. It’s not. There’s a confidence that comes with looking your best, and I definitely feel more confident when my skin is looking great. Don’t be afraid of pampering yourself.


Merpola Luna Mini 2 Save The Sea Edition

My old Luna Play, and the upgraded Luna Mini 2.


I know this is reading a bit like an advert, it’s really not supposed to be. The main reason I’m writing this is to highlight not only a cool product, but more importantly an amazing company. Having the balls to partner with world-leading ocean conservation teams and donating profits to their causes is something to celebrate and applaud. So, so many businesses make their money off of harming our environment, so support the ones which give back. Thank you FOREO. You can get yourself a Luna Mini 2 and find out more about their Save the Sea campaign here.

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